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About Us

Welcome to Study-Park Online Education Blog & YouTube Channel.
I am a student English Literature also founder of Study-Park blog and this YouTube Channel for sharing my study experience, document and others.

I think there are a lot of students are enter in higher education every years. For those student help my blog and YouTube channel to connect their first education most properly.

I will try to cover up my personal interest on online education. I will share English Literature, English Poem, English Easy, English Prose, English Novel also try to share my other co-curricular activities. I also cover with my other related subject that I like most.

But keep in mind that I am also a student now.  Study-Park is my sharing blog not professional blog. So there are a lot of error in my  Study-Park blog and  Study-Park YouTube channel maybe. So please don’t take it other way. Thanks for understanding.
Best Regards.

study park - online education blog

study park – online education blog